Garden Deva is grateful for the following comments from clients:

"I can't recommend Garden Deva highly enough. I've engaged Cherise for design and sourcing advice on three separate projects and each time she has exceeded my expectations. Even when I've had a fairly clear vision in mind, she has been able to improve it and also save me from making poor decisions about layouts, plants or materials.

She has been able to tune into my vision and suggest the right plants, where to plant them and how many to get, all of which saved time and enhanced the end result. She's brilliant for sourcing info too - and has steered me to various suppliers which I'd have struggled to find. Perhaps the most surprising benefit of working with her has been her passion and encouragement. There have been times when I 've doubted my grand design or come up against a problem and Cherise has been there with a clever suggestion, some validation and a smile. I'm so glad I found her! (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)


"I am so glad that Cherise’s name was given to me when I was looking for a garden designer. Her creative eye and excellent knowledge of plants and hardscape material has resulted in a garden that is far beyond my expectations. She has my full recommendation as she is lovely to communicate with and is honest and trustworthy."  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

 S. Chan, DALKEITH, WA  

Cherise has helped us with several consultations and, most recently, with a comprehensive garden design. The design encompassed a driveway, two decks, pathways, and a complete garden makeover. What we like most about Cherise is her enthusiasm, her creativity, and her extensive plant knowledge. She introduced us to a much wider plant selection that we would otherwise have used. These plants are hardy, suited to the space and collectively provide good colour throughout the year.

For our comprehensive garden design, we like the way our hardscape doesn't dominate the design. We also like the eco and solar passive elements to our design. We will have recycled jarrah decks and sleepers, crushed gravel pathways, shade sails, rainwater tanks and a productive garden. And a fire pit, free form sandpit and a treehouse! 

To implement the plan, Cherise has helped us by providing a planting guide, contractor names and detailed notes and pictures to explain the plan.
We look forward to enjoying our totally transformed outdoor space. (

Kate & Peter, CITY BEACH WA 

"Garden Deva was exactly what our commercial bar project needed.  We had a tight budget and an even tighter time frame.  Soon after I met Cherise, I knew I had made the right choice.  It didn’t take her long to understand the look I wanted to achieve and she quickly worked out which plants to use and where. 

Being a commercial project, the plant selection was especially important, as they don’t  always get the attention they deserve.  With her extensive knowledge of available plants, she was able to select hearty plants that complimented the interiors beautifully.   She even gave me tips on where to buy, and how to maintain!

I will definitely be using Garden Deva for future projects."  (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)


Hi Cherise, thanks so much for your valuable time and creativity. It was delightful spending time in the garden with you. 


"After an extensive house renovation the garden was practically reduced to a sandpit. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and how to go about it but I knew that some professional help was needed to bring it to fruition. 

I searched the profiles of designers on the WALDA (WA Landscape Design Association) website and Cherise Haslam from Garden Deva stood out as someone I felt that I would easily be able to build a rapport with and who would clearly understand the direction I wanted for the garden.

Her interest in ‘Foodscaping’ and ‘Chookscaping’ fitted perfectly with our requirements, they were very important factors for me but at the same time it had to incorporate native plants, be in harmony with the environment and be a beautiful space to spend time in. Cherise was the perfect choice and was able to enhance our vision and help us make some tough decisions about some existing sentimental elements! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.."(LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)


"Cherise from Garden Deva transformed our vacant block from a sandpit with a single salvaged gum tree into an oasis of native and cottage plants.   What has been the biggest surprise to us, is how much time we love to spend sitting and enjoying the garden.  We eat outside often because we enjoy being in the garden so much.  Cherise has designed a garden where we can enjoy both the front and back gardens with complete privacy.

Cherise's design incorporated the hardscape, paths, shed position, deck, plant positions, fences and innovative  Kyoto gates. The decking has provided us already with hours of  entertaining enjoyment and it is a peaceful place to sit and relax. We are completely delighted with Garden Deva and would happily recommend their services. (LEVEL  3- FULL DESIGN)

K and B Lawrence, MOSMAN PARK WA 

"Hi Cherise

We hope you can put this to use in your testimonials.  We really appreciate your generous help.

Just wanted to say thank you for laying out the transformation from new, sterile house on sandy block to what we anticipate will be a delightful home sitting within and looking out upon a beautiful garden.  Importantly, your design incorporated aspects that complement our solar passive home.

Your design encompassed all family members’ wishes and impressed not only us, but those who quoted on the work!  You have been totally adaptable as our needs have evolved and generously provided ongoing advice and support for which we are most grateful.  The plans drawn and notes provided are constantly used resources. 

Already, at the early stages of planting, we are excited about what we see.  We were overwhelmed and you came to the rescue with your creative flair and vision!

Thanks so much."  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

Kate & Bruce Swan, FLOREAT WA 

"Cherise gave me so much great advice for both my cottage garden area as well as my tropical garden area in my last house.

She has a wealth of knowledge of plants and partners this with her creative streak to achieve complementary colour throughout the seasons. She did such a great job on my last house. I’m excited that Garden Deva is going to help me on my new huge garden – can’t wait!"  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

Dr Helen Grzyb
Open Gardens Liaison Officer WA.
"Recently we decided to remove our pool and completely redesign our back garden. I  asked Garden Deva to help us with the project and to give ideas on plants/trees for the garden and to provide a garden plan. After enquiring about plants/trees/gardens that appealed to me, Cherise then designed a beautiful garden. I love the fact there will be some plant or shrub flowering in our garden all year round.
Cherise also coordinated the planting of garden which was completed with great professionalism and care. We are very grateful to her for providing comprehensive service and also ongoing advice."    (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)
"We are both very happy with the garden and paving design (by Country Earth) and consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by its beauty. The plants are very happy. Thank you for your care and expertise. It is very much appreciated". (PLANTING DESIGN)
L. Calder  WEMBLEY WA 

"Garden Deva have given us some fantastic ideas to help create a garden in our new house, one that is fairly low maintenance and yet colourful and productive.

Their extensive knowledge of locally available plants and the conditions under which they grow best was so helpful. 

It will save us from wasting money by planting things in the wrong part of the garden, where they would not thrive.

They really listened to and included our ideas, while making some wonderful suggestions we would never have dreamed of ourselves.

Now we look forward to the hard (but fun) work of buying the plants and planting out the garden, based on the clear and detailed plan provided. In particular I am really keen to create my own 'self watering' vegie container garden. Thank you!"  (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)

Jodie Krantz, NORTH PERTH WA

"When we built our lovely new house on our farm, we wanted assistance with the landscaping as we wanted to go native and had never planted a native garden before. Cherise was recommended to us and we clicked with her ideas from the first meeting.

She understood the kind of garden we wanted and would love as well as the challenges of making a beautiful garden in dry conditions with water restrictions in clay soil on a deep builders pad.

We are so thrilled with the results. Cherise came up with some fantastic suggestions and a design that incorporated the beautiful views and blended with the natural landscape.

It is bird friendly, there are wonderful points of interest and there is a lovely blend of textures and colours. As a bonus, we have something flowering all year round. She built on the existing features of the house and the hard landscaping complements the house and the garden beautifully.

I just love the garden and walk around regularly admiring it. The mixture of colours is fantastic.

We found Cherise to be friendly, professional and helpful at all times, and as an added bonus, she is practical and with cost effective suggestions. We love her work and would highly recommend her."  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

B. Schubert, BINDOON, WA


"We recently engaged the services of  Cherise Haslam from Garden Deva to provide us with a full garden design to complement our new solar passive house. We had an extensive list of plants and items we wished to include, such as many productive plants, bird attracting, edibles, natives, plus chickens, firepits, frog ponds, and exciting kids areas, plus lots for the grown-ups!

She was able to interpret our ideas into a cohesive and pleasing design, and gave us many other ideas which we loved. She provided relevant photos of ideas, and also gave us detailed information on where to source all materials. We found her very pleasant and easy to deal with, and she provided a very professional design with all accompanying notes and info sheets etc. She had an extensive knowledge of plants and conditions, and was able to answer all our questions and guide us. We have started implementing her plan and can't wait for the finished result. Definitely worth having the help with the garden design, now we can just get on with it! Thanks Cherise for your great plan and for joining us in our enthusiasm!"  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)
P + A Dixon,  KARRINYUP, WA 
A note to referring architects - 'Just letting you know we are very happy with the service provided by Cherise Haslam from Garden Deva. Her knowledge and customer service are excellent and we are thrilled with the result."(LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)
"Hi Cherise,
Thanks so much. It was a lot of fun and lovely to work with you. Thank you for being so interested in our home and garden and for providing advice and ideas within scope for us, as it means the design really can be implemented!"  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

"Having created my own gardens in previous homes over many years, this time around I was seeking someone with a more experienced eye to create that Wow factor.  Garden Deva delivered the goods. I found them professional and efficient in every aspect of the design process.

From the first on site consultation, to the design drawings, followed by landscaper referrals and plant supply. We now have a beautifully landscaped garden that we will enjoy for many years to come. We are very happy with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Garden Deva to our friends and anyone who is seeking to create that wow factor in their garden." (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

D. Frediani, BALCATTA WA

"With the invaluable information Garden Deva provided us during a two hour consultation, we saved around $2,000 in the redesign of our garden, even with using a landscaping company to remove the unwanted couch lawn from around the trees. Since then the savings in water and time spent weeding have been enormous!

With the additional shade created by the thriving trees, the lawn is much greener, despite the decrease in the water provided (during summer, at that!) We are also having great fun and wonderful produce from our vegie tub. We really valued the advice and, as I said, we love receiving the Garden Deva quarterly newsletters.

Cherise, we have referred your details to all of our gardening friends and I hope that some of them have or will contact you in the future.Your wonderful advice made a real difference to our sanctuary."  (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)

L. Schafers, PADBURY WA

"Thanks to Garden Deva for the great work you did in designing the water wise garden for our new home. Your design incorporated imagination, innovation and flair, yet didn't lose site of the important element, practicality.

The coloured plan was a delight. It was artistically drawn and easy to follow. It detailed the positioning, the number,and the types of plants to be used; this was most helpful for the landscaper.

Something we didn't expect, were the pages of information describing each plant type, the reasons for including them, and the annual maintenance they require. Most helpful, considering this style of gardening is new to us. Thanks again for a professional job well done." (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)

R & M Pennington, ROSSMOYNE WA

"We always find the information in the Garden Deva newsletter very useful, so much so that I send it to all our 62 Jims Mowing franchisee North of the river in Perth . I also have requests for the newsletter from several Jims Mowing people in the other states in Australia.  There are always very positive comments on the content from our Jims franchisees regarding advice and tips in the garden." (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)

Andrew McQuoid 


"Day after day, season after season, the garden that Cherise from Garden Deva planned and created so carefully continues to give us so much pleasure. Her sound knowledge and choice of plants and obvious love for them has been quite infectious, inspiring us to learn more about native plants.

We are so grateful to have benefited from her talents and direction. Many many thanks!"  (LEVEL 3 - FULL DESIGN)



"Cherise has an incredible knowledge and coupled with her professionalism and ability to understand our lifestyle, meant that our garden reflects our personality and needs. During the design phase her extensive range of photographs made plant selection easy.

We love the quarterly newsletters and Cherise always responds to our 'novice' questions with simple and easy to follow suggestions." (LEVEL 2 CONSULTATION)





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