Convert your swimming pool to a pond naturally

I just love Gardening Australia. They have such interesting segments and all with an organic bent. Since presenter Costa Georgiadis has come on board, I think the program is the best it's ever been and keeps getting better. For those of you who don't know, it is on ABC1 at 6.30pm Sat and repeated on Sun at 1pm. I  was recently inspired by his segment on converting swimming pools to ponds. To me it makes so much sense. So many of my clients have the pool for their kids and when the children grow up and leave home it becomes an expensive chore to maintain. Con

verting swimming pools to a beautiful diversity rich pond teeming with interest and life for me is much more interesting, eco and just makes sense. It's amazing just how much life even a small body of water brings in. I am also interested in natural biodiverse pools which you can swim in.  

I don't think there was any mention of this on Gardening Oz but it is definitely doable though can be a tad eccy if you want to get help to do it properly. OR you could just pretend your new pond is a lake and just jump in and 'swim with the fishes' (in a good way!). I recommend not gulping large mouthfuls of water though... Check out this link from a Sydney council on how to convert your pool to a pond yourself.