Growing Ginger

I am utterly addicted to ginger. I even tracked down a special American Microplane ginger grater specifically to satisfy my ginger craving. It's actually ginger tea I can't live without - Virgin garden black tea with milk and squeezed ginger juice - delicious!

Give it a try if you like drinking normal tea. I first discovered it in India but they put about 3 teaspoons of sugar in every cup which isn't really my cup of tea. Ha.

So, I have decided to try growing the stuff. Perth has a good climate for growing this wonderful spice. I have opted for a 30cm pot using: 1/2 Premium potting mix, 20% mature compost, 30% cocopeat and some Shades of Green organic fertiliser.

Simply buy some rhizomes from the farmers market or supermarket and lay them down in pot and just cover them with potting mix. Make sure they are mulched and don't dry out. They are robust plants which like warm sheltered spots and grow to 60-90cm tall.

What they like:

Regular feeding with liquid fertiliser in warm weather. 

Rich soil and plenty of water but well drained soil

Semi shade in summer, protected from wind and hot sun


What they don't like:

Drying out

Waterlogged soil

Full sun


If you plant the rhizomes in Sept/Oct/Nov, they should be ready in May - July. Reduce watering during the cooler months when they are going dormant.  You can either dig the whole thing up in May June or leave the plant growing and bandicoot them like potatoes, leaving them to reshoot in spring.

Why not try growing it yourself?