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GARDEN DEVA recommends:


We trust Crafted Gardens and Landscaping to look after our clients and bring our designs to life. They love translating our vision into a beautiful space in which to feel relaxed and nurtured.

Ashley and Cameron Hoogendyk, experienced horticulturalists and directors of CGAL, ensure that each member of their team not only has excellent trade skills but also is strongly committed to being  environmentally conscious. We like that sustainable and eco-friendly practices are prioritised in every one of their projects; from selecting materials to soil and water management.

They specialise in installing both hardscaping and planting designs, offering quality lawn renovations - with Ashley bringing his specialised expertise as a qualified Sports Turf Manager 
- advanced water-conserving reticulation systems, and personalised garden services and maintenance. 

Whether installing informal native gardens which echo Perth's distinct beauty or building more structural and intricate hardscapes; the team at CGAL ensure that every design is executed with precision, passion, and care. They are also dedicated to regularly communicating with us our clients during each project, ensuring the landscaping process is seamless and stress-free.

PH: 0458 698 606



Greenlife Soil Company is our go to for anything soil related. Garden Deva have been recommending this excellent family business since Linda and Paul Mitchener started their business many moons ago. We believe that their carefully blended soils are quite possibly the best in the country. No kidding. The addition of clays, rockdusts, charcoal and other microbial goodies to their composts/soil mixes ensure that moisture and nutrients are retained and plants are given the best start in life. This is particularly critical in summer here in Perth as it can be staggeringly hot in summer and plants need all the help they can get to survive. 



Country Earth have a large variety of unusual and classic pavers. Like us, they pride themselves on doing things a little differently. We often use their stunning natural stone range because they are timeless, elegant and of the highest quality.   They also offer full landscaping services if purchasing their paving. Excellent service.

PH: 08 9574 6163 



Solar Dwellings and Garden Deva have had a growing working relationship for many years. We have enjoyed creating many gardens to complement their intelligently designed passive solar homes.

PH: 9444 4400 



Creations Landscape Supplies is a quality, well established company whom we regularly recommend. Have a chat to their friendly staff and they will assist you with anything from soils, gabions, firepits, gravels, pots as well as many other landscaping materials for your outdoor project. They also have a beautiful 'must visit' indoor plant shop!

Ph: 9335 7383



Garden Drum blog - quirky gardens and profiles of gardeners, designers and stylists all around Australia

All The Dirt weekly podcast with Deryn Thorpe and Steve Wood 

Roots and Shoots ABC radio 720 Saturday mornings 9.10 am.

Gardening Australia Friday 7.30 pm ABC 1 (or watch on iView) with the wonderful Costa Georgiadis.

Organic Gardener Magazine 

Pip magazine - for all things Permaculture



SOLAR POWER AUTHORITY is a useful community resource with up-to-date information about everything solar. This includes educational resources, product information, how-to's, current news, and a solar cost calculator. 

Renew magazine is packed full of all things eco and renewable. Available at your newsagent or by subscription.

Did you know that according to a survey by Planet Ark, Home buyers are prepared to pay an average of $35,000 extra for a house in a green leafy area than they would for an identical house in a less green area? Makes sense to us!