Would you like to reinvent and revitalise your existing garden into a beautiful sanctuary in which you really love spending time?

Or perhaps you have just built a home and would like a stylish and practical design to go with it. Or you simply need a few ideas. Whatever your garden or courtyard situation, we can help you.

Many people find knowing what to do with their garden can be a bit overwhelming and they don't know where to start. Read on!

Whether it be a postage-stamp sized courtyard or a vast backyard, we will inspire you, really listen to your concerns and help you to make the most of your outdoor space.

GARDEN DEVA is an experienced garden design and horticultural consultancy business started in 2000 by Cherise Haslam; a passionate garden designer and horticulturalist. We are committed to creating original and eco friendly gardens which celebrate the seasons and suit your lifestyle and our hot Perth climate.

Perth is one of the harshest cities in which to garden. We do well to grow anything! There is an art to making a beautiful yet tough garden in WA, particularly a sustainable one which survives and thrives in Summer.

The enjoyment and lifestyle benefits of an attractive and liveable garden is obvious to most of us.

While many TV programs make it look easy to create a great garden in a weekend; the reality is that making a beautiful landscape requires skill, creativity, thorough planning, time and attention to detail. 



  • increase the value of your home with simple inexpensive changes to your garden 
  • learn about soils, water-wise & heat tolerant plants
  • to design an attractive edible and/or pet friendly garden


  • refer you to experienced and trustworthy contractors
  • provide you with easy to follow plant growing notes and maintenance plans
  • assist you with free post-design support


When designing gardens, we devise interesting layouts with hard landscaping elements, then create depth and volume with abundant plant layers; using ground covers, grasses, shrubs and trees. We consider that although structural landscape design (paving/walls etc) is an essential component of a well designed garden; it does not need to dominate. 

Garden Deva uses creative plant selection chosen from heat and dry tolerant native and exotic plants which grow well in Perth. We design gardens to appeal to the senses and cater for all levels of gardening expertise.

We believe that good garden design is not about the slavish following of new trends, although many helpful ideas may be found through the media.

We listen carefully to your needs so we can tailor make a garden design to suit your landscape, from stylish courtyard gardens, to rural landscapes, colourful native habitats, edible paradises and everything in between.  

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"Garden Deva have given us some fantastic ideas to help create a garden in our new house, one that is fairly low maintenance and yet colourful and productive. It will save us from wasting money by..." Read more here.

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