Gorgeous garlic butter

Sometimes we don't feel like peeling garlic but want a quick garlic hit to add to winter meals. LIberal use of home made garlic butter is an easy way to do this and keep those winter nasties at bay.


4 bulbs (not cloves!) of peeled roughly chopped garlic, preferably home grown or organic (avoid the fumigated Chinese garlic). 

2 x 500 gm butter, left out of fridge till soft.

3 teaspoons garlic granules 

garlic salt to taste


Throw it all in the food processor until it's the texture you want. 

Keep your garlic butter in the fridge and use liberally. Delicious with mushrooms, red onions and a splash of wine on toast or quinoa. Really, use it in any dish requiring garlic. If you can't' get enough of that garlic flavour, add fresh garlic chives to your meal.

Watch out vampires!