Consultations: Onsite or virtual

It all begins with a consultation. This is an exciting starting point for the creation of your dream garden, whether it be working with a blank canvas or renovating an existing garden.

You may or may not need a full garden design plan. Whichever level of design or horticultural assistance you need, Garden Deva is here to help.

Four types of consultations are available, depending on your needs.

LEVEL 1 – advice/sketches only.

Do you need inspiration or ideas? Expert help can make the world of difference. A Level 1 consultation involves a meeting onsite to discuss how to rejuvenate a tired garden, give you a second opinion on design ideas or solve specific problem areas.

This is where a full garden design plan is not needed. Practical solutions are offered and clients are welcome to take their own notes.

Fee: $180 per hour, 90 minute minimum. Payment by cash or internet banking at end of consultation. Travelling fee may apply depending on location.

LEVEL 2 - detailed consultation with scaled sketch plan.

Do you need more than ideas, but less than a fully designed plan? Level 2 is an economical solution for those clients with a small outdoor space, who maybe need some layout ideas and a simple planting plan. Or, perhaps you have a backyard which doesn't quite work, or wish to overhaul your verge or front garden. Level 2 is for you!

Depending on the size of the garden, with your help, this can usually be achieved on the day, for the price of a consultation.

What you need to do:

1. Measure your garden, drawing a rough layout of the area; including the house and the boundary.

Plot the following on your paper: garden beds, paths driveways and any existing features you want to keep including trees, sheds, ponds/water features and paved areas. Use a 1.100 scale. This means 1cm on the paper = 1m on the ground. A3 graph paper is useful. If you only need a suggestions for a few existing garden areas, simply measure these.

If you have a small area, like a courtyard, a 1.50 scale is more useful. This means 1cm on the paper = 50cm or half a metre on the ground.

2. Garden Deva will then help you fill in the blanks, bringing portfolios, pictures and ideas to help you to visualise the possibilities for your garden.

Fee: $180 per hour, 2 hour minimum. Payment by cash or internet banking at end of consultation. A travelling fee may apply depending on location.

LEVEL 3 - Prelude to full scale design.

You may have just built a house and need the garden designed for you. Or you may feel that it is time for a comprehensive makeover for your existing garden with changes in level, structural design and a comprehensive planting schedule.  You need a full garden design.

PLEASE CLICK here for more info Full design process.


LEVEL 4 - Virtual design consultations. A sign of the times!

This is for when you need inspiration, design tools or assistance with your outdoor space but do not live in Perth or prefer not to meet onsite. We now offer virtual consultations using either Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger and/or Dropbox. 

During our tele-consultation, we discuss your garden in detail, giving you a wealth of ideas, resources and information using our expertise and online resources. 

How does this work?

First, we book an appointment time.

Virtual consultations are almost exactly the same as a Level 1 site consultation only we are not actually there! 

This type of garden consultation involves you walking around your garden, taking a video while on Facebook Messenger, Skype or Zoom and ‘virtually’ showing us your garden and the areas you wish to change.

We make suggestions and either set up a temporary shared Dropbox folder, or text photos of plants to you during the consultation. This enables a better visual idea of how your newly renovated garden may look.

Some clients have a facility on their device to both voice record the phone call AND video their garden at the same time. This is ideal.

Other clients prefer to write notes or to use a second device to voice record the information given during the phone call.

Please note that virtual consultations are for clients who have an existing garden, and mainly require suggestions for planting/aesthetics/discussion of materials etc, but do not need much information about structural or layout changes.

New build? We believe that these gardens are best designed on-site. However if you need to float some ideas or solve some tricky design solutions, we are happy to help you do this virtually as well.

For further information, please call us on 0423 385 568 

FEE: $150 per hour - payable on the day of the consultation via Pay ID or internet banking. 



What happens after the design has been implemented or after you've had a garden consultation? If you have any garden related concerns or questions, the team at Garden Deva are only too happy to assist via phone or email for a brief chat.  Note: A follow up consultation is required for lengthy enquiries. PS We love receiving photos of your finished garden! 

 We offer extended consultations for when you need more than advice but less than a full design with all the bells and whistles.

" Thanks to Garden Deva for the great work you did in designing the waterwise garden for our new home. Your design incorporated imagination, innovation and flair, yet didn't lose sight of the important element, practicality.." Read more here.


"Almost a year from commissioning, we simply love our new landscape design and garden! The design, choice of materials and plants fit the block optimally.

The retaining, front wall modification and paths blend in with the design and materials of the house so that it looks very harmonious.   As envisaged, the garden is definitely a peaceful place to relax.

We spend lots of time including almost every evening having "happy hour" and often dinner outside with the family. We rotate between the back patio and the front porch depending on weather.

There are new birds, butterflies and bees constantly visiting. We continue to have positive comments from friends & passers-by re the garden and especially Andre's gates (Bobtail Landscaping)."

B and K. Mosman Park

Call or email us today to book a Level 2 consultation ph: 0423 385 568 

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