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Your fruit trees don't know it's winter

I don't know about you, but it is mid July and my fruit trees are clueless about what season it is. My dwarf black mulberry tree is actually fruiting (it is supposed to be fruiting in October/November) and the pomegranates are joyously pumping out new leaves. The figs, silvanberry and plums are still in leaf.

Gorgeous garlic butter

Sometimes we don't feel like peeling garlic but want a quick garlic hit to add to winter meals. LIberal use of home made garlic butter is an easy way to do this and keep those winter nasties at bay.


4 bulbs (not cloves!) of peeled roughly chopped garlic, preferably home grown or organic (avoid the fumigated Chinese garlic). 


Even though is IS the middle of Winter, there are still a few piles of autumn leaves around, ripe and ready for composting. Leaves are a much sought after compost addition and are most plants’ favourite mulch.

The Hanging Gardens of Fremantle

What fun we've had designing and maintaining these hanging gardens in the Newport Hotel on South Tce (opposite Ginos) in Fremantle. Garden Deva was invited by talented interior designer Jill Stiely to help with plant selection, supply and layout. Now 7 months old, apart from a few teething problems, the garden is growing beautifully. 

Plumbago leaf miner, greywater and grapes

Does your plumbago look a bit  ravaged and almost burnt? Look closer and you will see that the damage is not sunburn but a tiny caterpillar which affects citrus called the Citrus leaf miner. Unfortunately it's prevalent in hot weather, and the difficulty lies in finding a cool enough temperature (ie below 32C) in which to spray Eco oil or Pest Oil. These products are both very effective in suffocating these little pests.

Coping with the heat

Radiant heat is a harsh reality for a lot of plants in the summer garden. Heat reflected off paving, metal screens or panels, brick walls or fences can make life unbearable for nearby shrubs and trees.

Mozzie busters

Summer is definitely here and the barbies are cranking. Nothing spoils an evening with friends or family in the alfresco quite like being bitten by voracious, out for blood mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, many people don't have much luck with the 'mozzie repelling' plants like lemongrass, citronella, etc. So what to do?

Convert your swimming pool to a pond naturally

I just love Gardening Australia. They have such interesting segments and all with an organic bent.

Growing Ginger

I am utterly addicted to ginger. I even tracked down a special American Microplane ginger grater specifically to satisfy my ginger craving.