Retro Rocking chairs and Wicking beds

Tanks Very Much is a local company which specialises in making corrugated steel raised garden beds, wicking beds and rain water tanks. The company can custom make as well if you have a particular shape or size in mind. 

Colour with Cushions

Colour, even small splashes of it, has the power to transform any outdoor space instantly. If you'd like to enliven your alfresco area, without spending a fortune, why not add a bit of funk and vibrancy with a few cushions or even an outdoor rug?

Teepee joiners - great idea!

Our vegies are absolutely cranking at the moment. This (nearly) spring weather is perfect for growing - with plenty of root-soaking rain and of course the odd burst of sunshine.

Treehouses for adults and kids

Many clients with young children have a cubby or some type of tree structure on their garden design wishlist. 

Bromeliad Heaven

I don’t know about you but I’m a complete sucker for a decent plant display.

Natural plant internet

Could plants be smarter than us? Check out this scientific article on how plants have a subterranean internet...Click on the link below..

Colour in winter

There are many different ways to provide colour in the garden in winter. Pots of annual colour are probably the easiest - there are pansies, cinerarias, primulas, calendula etc but why not also consider using some of our lovely native plants?


I took this picture of our black kale and tatsoi this morning. How wonderful to finally have some rain and indeed to be able to grow an abundance of fresh greens in your own garden instead of having to buy them from the supermarket!

The power of micro climates

I took this photo today - what a wonderful example of microclimates affecting autumn colour. Even though it is actually winter, as I write this in late June, it is 21C in Perth. The picture shows the same type of bradford pear growing on opposite sides of the same fence.