1.    Plant single petal flowers. Hybridised double flowers (eg petunias, dahlias etc) have unstable landing pads, making it difficult for the pollinators and other desirable creatures to get their nectar. Ergo, they won’t hang around to eat your pests.

2.    Provide plenty of water for birds and other predators to keep them happy in your garden, particularly in summer.

3.    Let herbs and greens go to seed. Parsley, rocket, carrots and coriander are particularly attractive to hoverflies and damselflies (which love moths and mosquitoes).

4.    Plant borage. Apart from being beautiful and edible, borage has been shown to attract over 100 different types of insects.

5.    Use vegie nets or white nylon lace curtains to prevent pests getting into your crops.

6.    Plant land cress in your vegie patch. This act as a poisonous death trap/decoy to white cabbage moths.

7.    Install a pond. Water creates its own eco system. Watch your pests decrease rapidly. Frogs eat many pests including mozzies.

8.    Put some tadpoles, native fish, plants and a solar pump in your pond. www.creativepumps.com.au

9.    Instead of spraying for fruit fly, buy a few Cera traps and if you have bad infestations, use Eco Natralure as well. www.greenharvest.com.au/PestControlOrganic/FruitFlyControlProducts.html

10.      Citrus leaf miner destroying your citrus trees? Hang citrus leaf miner traps in your trees. Available at local garden centres. www.ecoorganicgarden.com.au/products/pest-disease/eco-clm-trap





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