Teepee joiners - great idea!

Our vegies are absolutely cranking at the moment. This (nearly) spring weather is perfect for growing - with plenty of root-soaking rain and of course the odd burst of sunshine. Don't be too impatient for the sun, we'll have plenty of it come summer! I 

just got my Diggers e-zine and found a clever invention to connect bamboo stakes for bean or pea tepees. There are so many ways to support climbing vegies. Some cOommon ones are curly stakes, reinforcing mesh, wire tomato cages, wooden tomato stakes (which can harbour diseases if used again and again), old Hills Hoists, chook wire domes etc.

Bamboo stakes are an old favourite but before you plant, it's advisable to make sure you have strong enough stakes to support your - eventually decent sized - climbing plant. Those cute little cherry tomato seedlings in the punnet look so tiny but believe me, they are potential monsters! So here is the link for the connector thingys..


It sure beats tying little bits of twine around each stake or having to screw a nail in to secure them together. And maybe you can get the kids involved and make some living cubbies with snow peas, cherry toms, pumpkins or cucumbers?

Diggers Club is well worth joining if you are a keen gardener, as they have a sumptious selection of heirloom vegies seeds, unusual plants, gardening hardware, books as well as informative newsletters and catalogues 4 times a year.  

Perhaps a membership would make for a thoughtful Father's Day present if your Dad is into gardening?