Treehouses for adults and kids

Many clients with young children have a cubby or some type of tree structure on their garden design wishlist. 

I often find that clients who buy or make cubby houses are disappointed when their kids don't actually use them. Indeed, some kids do love to play in their cubbies while others prefer climbing up trees or making their own 'house' out of whatever materials are available.

Perhaps they could do both and ask their parents to make them a tree house? This may be as simple as a platform with a rope ladder up a large tree or, for younger children, a weeping mulberry with branches down to the ground - no construction required. This Hobbit like haven can be a place where they can hide, play and really fire up their imaginations and get away from the adults for a while.

Or for adults, why not indulge your inner child and create a tree-home away from home? One of my fantasies is to have an adult  treehouse with a daybed where I can drink copious cups of tea and watch Nature's internet happening all around me. Why be inside 4 walls on the computer when all the real action is happening outside in the treetops? And who says one can't have a flying fox or a treehouse or a trampoline when one's over 40?  Why do kids get to have all the fun?!

If you've ever clambered onto your roof to check the tiles or gutters and then suddenly stopped and gazed at the bird's eye view of their garden, or through the neighbourhood treetops, you may agree that it can be quite a liberating experience. A different perspective entirely.

Treehouses are for kids and adults alike. Some are specifically built for adults as a retreat away from the stresses of life. I like it! There have been quite a few books written on the subject and there are some fantastic websites dedicated to building treehouses. 

In Exceptional Treehouses, author and treehouse builder Alain Laurens shows 30 stunning treehouses. This is a follow up to his first book, Treehouse Living, in which he demonstrates his commitment to sustainable building and living.

For a comprehensive DIY video on  Youtube check out this UK site

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