Retro Rocking chairs and Wicking beds

Tanks Very Much is a local company which specialises in making corrugated steel raised garden beds, wicking beds and rain water tanks. The company can custom make as well if you have a particular shape or size in mind. 

I was chatting to owner, Roy this morning about his intriguing retro corrugated rocking chair, which I just had to share with you.  We think it’s very quirky indeed and Roy reckons it’s particularly comfy for pregnant women and its also a gentle exerciser.

Perth has a very hot and dry climate, as us gardeners know only too well.

Some people are understandably put off growing edibles because they are concerned about the watering required to keep things growing well. Enter the wicking bed.

Wicking beds are like a giant self-watering pot and any 40cm+ raised container can be converted with some pond liner and a bit of know how (Google ‘wicking beds’).  

Wicking bed systems save a colossal amount of water in summer. Often you will only need to water once or twice a week instead of daily (twice daily in very hot weather for some vegies).

Not all food plants like a lot of water, however, so be careful of planting Mediterranean herbs like marjoram, thyme and oregano in your wicking beds. However, plants like corn, silverbeet, pumpkin, tomatoes and basil thrive on the extra water, particularly as the weather heats up.

If you like the idea but would rather someone else installed it for you,  Tanks Very Much charge $60-70 per wicking kit plus the cost of their corrugated planter.

If you mention Garden Deva, there is a 10% discount off RRP on all products until the end of November 2013. 


NB Garden Deva receives no financial renumeration for products mentioned in this blog.

You can contact Roy at Tanks Very Much on 1300TANKSV (1300826578)