Colour with Cushions

Colour, even small splashes of it, has the power to transform any outdoor space instantly. If you'd like to enliven your alfresco area, without spending a fortune, why not add a bit of funk and vibrancy with a few cushions or even an outdoor rug?

There are now many suppliers of mildew, water, stain and fade resistant UV stabilised cushions with a staggering variety of patterns to choose from.

There's not so much variety of choice for outdoor rugs yet but the range is slowly  growing as demand increases. Check out the Claremont showroom (details below) if you would are interested in buying one.

Finally, manufacturers are beginning to realise that due to our wonderful climate we are tending to spend more of our time outdoors and therefore, expect the same level of style and comfort outside as we have inside. Why not have a literal outdoor room, complete with soft furnishings?

Generally the material used in making outdoor rugs is usually UV treated polypropylene, which is hoseable and scrubbable.

Check out some of these sites if your outdoor space needs a bit of hue help:

(225 Stirling Hwy Claremont ph 9385 3990)