• Consider utilising winter rains and installing a rain tank. 
  • plant garlic (who wants to eat fumigated Chinese imports?) & potatoes.
  • Plant citrus, native trees and shrubs, Mediterranean plants and herbs.
  • Clear autumn leaves from gutter, put in compost
  • Liquid fertilise cyclamen
  • Feed cymbidium orchids with natural slow release fertiliser, then fortnightly with weak natural liquid fertiliser until flowering
  • prune bougainvillea when flowering has finished.
  • move indoor plants away from heaters and out of draughts or mist  often to maintain humidity/and or put a bowl of water nearby.
  • cut cannas to the ground & hard prune salvias.


  • plant potatoes, beetroot, broccoli, carrot, silverbeet, lettuce, peas, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower
  • fertilise vegies little and often with fish emulsion, seaweed fertiliser & homemade manure/compost teas
  • place mirrors in garden to reflect low winter sun to young shrubs shaded by fences.
  • check your soil for non-wetting behaviour. Amp up with Grosorb wetting agent and Soil Solver or kaolin clay now to utilise winter rain.
  • prune roses by ½ - 1/3 then spray with lime sulphur spray – add a drop of detergent to help it stick. This gives them a clean start for spring.
  • prune grapes and spray with lime sulphur (protect other plants and paving by using tarpaulin to catch drips).
  • spray (leafless) stone fruit trees with Yates Fungus Fighter or lime sulphur to prevent fungal nasties. Do on a fine day.
  • protect snail prone plants with Multiguard pellets or hand pick them off.


  • trim sasanqua camellias to shape after flowering if desired
  • feed citrus with Grow Safe Home Gardener fertiliser
  • clean out ponds (a lovely job) – use diluted fish water on hungry plants
  • last (best) month to plant deciduous trees
  • plant rhubarb (rich soil but no manure please) & summer bulbs
  • remove spent bulb flower stems to divert energy into bulb next year

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