• Buy a CLM trap for citrus leaf miner. They work! Excellent if you can't spray with oil when it's over 28-30C.
  • If you haven’t already done so in Spring, apply trace elements to all your trees. While you are there, spray Stressguard to more vulnerable heat stressed trees.
  • Give your cycads manganese sulphate if looking brown and frizzled. This is called ‘frizzle top”. Hint: water first then mix manganese with liquid fertiliser like EcoFish.

  • Lightly prune hedges, roses + spring flowering shrubs by 1/3. 

  • Its time to haul out the 40% shadecloth or lace curtains to protect vegies in full sun.

  • Under mulch, lightly dig in worm friendly wetting agents: Grosorb, EcoWet or River Safe.

  • Keep on top of fruit fly. Check out for hints.

  • Check reticulation is working and not obstructed with dirt or ants.

  • Mulch: 60-75mm depth is best. Ensure soil is moist before mulching and mulch with a mixture of chunky & fine bits. Use recycled prunings, shredded pinebark or coco-peat.

  • Plant mangoes (shade them for their 1st 2 summers) bananas, pawpaw now.

  • Feed gardenias a weak cup of cold black tea every 2-3 weeks till March as a pesticide, acidifier and fertiliser. Alternate this with natural liquid fertiliser.

  • Keep liquid feeding vegies every 2-3 weeks. Eco Growth’s Ecofish and EcoVital are both excellent, even better use home made worm/compost tea.

  • Raise height on mower blades for buffalo lawns to avoid scalping in the heat.

  • Give passionfruit and roses slow release fertiliser and a seaweed drink.


  • Reminder - shade new plantings with shade cloth, nylon curtains or umbrellas in the very hot weather to protect from heat stress until established.

  • Again, check reticulation is working.
  • Go for a swim.

  • Check for red spider mite & mealy bug on shade plants & roses. Use EcoNeem or DE.

  • Feed mangoes, bananas and potted citrus with liquid fertiliser. Do monthly until March.
  • Tie down climbing roses horizontally to encourage more lateral growth and flowers. Use velcro, pantyhose or Ezy Ties to avoid ring barking. Check under ties for pests.

  • Remove agapanthus flowers and any other potentially invasive perennials immediately before they fade to prevent seeding.

  • Check citrus for scale, use Eco oil. Again, avoid spraying when over 28C.
  • Buy or make a neck cooler (the wet ones with water crystals in them) for when you're in the garden.


  • Buy a market umbrella or shade sail if your alfresco area is too hot.

  • Gently summer prune stone fruit and apples/pears instead of doing so in winter.

  • Prune back wisteria by cutting back all long sappy trailing shoots to 4 or 5 buds from the main stem to encourage flowers next spring. Never prune it in winter unless you don’t want it to flower in spring.

  • Treat your heat stressed plants to a tonic of seaweed liquid every now and then.


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